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Where We're From

Haines is where the magic happens! Located approximately fifteen miles south of Skagway in the Lynn Canal, it is home to a large population of fishermen who make a living catching the fish we serve at Woadie's and Kyle Rush (Owner). Nearly all of our seafood is processed at Haines Packing Company, South East Alaska's oldest cannery. Follow the link below for more on HPC.

It's not possible without


 It started with 

Woadie (woh - dee): loyal, reliable, and trustworthy friend


Between graduating high school and starting university, Kyle was a fighter jet mechanic in the U.S. Navy for four years. Spending 3+ years stationed overseas, his friends quickly became family. One of them, Nick, had been called Woadie since he was a kid. Eventually, the nickname was adopted by everyone in their group. Kyle named his business Woadie's South East Seafood to pay homage to a great group of people who cared for each other for better or worse.

Plus, who doesn't like to eat with loyal, trustworthy friends ;)

& turned into a

To cultivate a culture that resembled this bond of friendship. A place where the staff champions each other from top to bottom, guests are welcomed from high heels to work boots, and a little extra effort to uplift another local business is always considered time well spent. We're confident this will naturally build devotion to exceptional hospitality, patience, and generosity resulting in an unforgettable Alaskan experience and a little sense of home away from home.


Some of the freshest seafood in the world doesn't hurt either ;)

We burned the  

When opening in 2017, we knew the food trailer was a stepping stone on the route to our very detailed destination. So we spent the last weeks of the 2019 summer tearing that baby down!!

And never looked back...

We got 

Spending the last 3-years holding on to this rollercoaster the world has been on. We took the opportunity to learn, grow, create, strengthen old relationships and build new ones. Through the steadfast loyalty of Doland Construction Co, we believe we have built a facility that resembles what we stand for as a company and the rawness of Alaska. 


We couldn't be more  

To welcome you all back to a better-than-ever Woadie's starting May 5th, 2023!!!!


We don't see many limits in sight!

But we'd love to talk to you about it. 

What's next?

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