Haines is where the magic happens! Located approximately fifteen miles south of Skagway in the Lynn Canal, it is home to a large population of fishermen who make a living catching the fish we serve at Woadie's. All of our seafood is processed at Haines Packing Company, South East Alaska's oldest cannery. Follow the link below for more on HPCo.



where we're from

Kyle is a Haines local and young entrepreneur who recently bought the restaurant in hopes of creating a fun and delicious dining experience for travelers looking for both an authentic taste of Alaskan seafood and a feel for the unique South East culture. . 

about the Owners

For four years between graduating high school and starting university, Kyle was a fighter jet mechanic in the U.S. Navy. Because being in the military requires spending a lot of time--including holidays and birthdays--away from home, he became close friends with the guys in his squadron. One of them, Nick, had been called Woadie since he was a kid. Eventually the nickname was adopted for everyone in their group, and as a way to thank his buddies from the military Kyle named his business Woadie's South East Seafood. Plus, who doesn't like to eat with loyal, trustworthy friends?


what's a Woadie?

Woadie (woh - dee): loyal, reliable, and trustworthy friend


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South East Seafood

4th Avenue & State St

Skagway, Alaska

907 983 3133

Owner Kyle